43 Crochet Backpack Pattern For Girls


Young girls are almost competing with each other for elegance in high school. This is one of the issues that we parents do not welcome, and that we have discussed many times. But no matter what we do, we cannot prevent the race for elegance in high school. Because we were young at the time, and we participated in this race, albeit unwillingly. Although our clothes are always different, our only accessory that was mostly similar was our bags. Especially if you live in a rural area, you always have trouble with school bags. I can say that I am quite experienced in this subject.

Yes, my young friends, I will now show you a few of the different crochet backpack models I have prepared. Unfortunately, these models do not have free pattern instructions. Design owners sell them to you for a fee. My goal is for you to see these and make your own unique backpack model for crochet artists. You can get really great results.

In addition, when you examine the sample models, you will see that the bags appeal not only to young people but also to middle age groups.

Crochet Backpack Free Patterns for Girls

Red Heart Fiore Rucksack Crochet Backpack

drawstring crochet backpack free pattern pdf
A drawstring crochet backpack that I think will continue its popularity for a long time. It is one of my favorite bag styles because it is a useful, simple and sporty style.

Designed By Designed by Italian Story Design Team
Skill Level: Easy
PDF Download: Yes
Click For Free Pattern (pdf)

Red Heart Everywhere Crochet Backpack

crochet backpack free pattern for girls
Crochet backpack designed by Stacey Gerbman. An ideal project for beginners. You can easily make this model, which is simple and in one color.

Skill Level: Easy
Designed By Stacey Gerbman
PDF Download: Yes
Click for Materials List
Click Here For PDF Format Free Pattern

Free Wanderlust Chevron Crochet Backpack Pattern

chevron crochet backpack free pattern for teen girl
Crochet backpack by design and photos by Jennifer. Made with cotton yarn, this backpack manages to be durable in all seasons. Jennifer writes about why she chose cotton yarn and what materials she uses on her blog. You can access the free pattern instructions of this wonderful crochet backpack from the links below.

– Designed By From Jennifer Pionk (A crocheted Simplicity)

Click For Free Pattern

The Inselberg Crochet Backpack

The Inselberg Crochet Backpack pattern free
Christina realizes that she needs a backpack to comfortably carry the water bowl and small snacks she takes with her during her hikes. Of course, these nature walks are small hikes that do not require full-size large camper backpacks. Inselberg bag is also a crochet product that comes out of this need. The color choice is entirely up to you.

– This is an original pattern by Christina of February Sky Designs.
View Pattern Here

Free Pattern Instruction of Wan’s Crochet Backpack

easy crochet backpack free pattern
Here, I would like to thank Wan who designed this crochet backpack and shared the pattern instruction for free. Wan designed a handy crochet bag that anyone can make. Wan, who has made bags in different models before, this time designed a product that is easier to obtain and did a great favor to the novice who just met crochet. You can also access the tutorial Youtube video that explains how to make this crochet backpack from the helpful links below.

– Designed By Wan
– Skill Level: Easy
View Free Pattern Here
Tutorial Youtube Video

Little Crochet Backpack Via: Nicole

crochet backpack free pattern
A fantastic little backpack that doesn’t require any sewing or any fabric lining thanks to being so thick and sturdy.
View Pattern Here

The Wildrose Crochet Backpack Via: Stephanie

crochet backpack free pattern for girl
A crochet backpack that you can carry your basic needs on the beach, on your travels or in your daily life. Visually striking, this crochet bag is also very useful. If you want to make this bag of Stephanie, use the helpful link below.

View Pattern Here

43 Crochet Backpack Ideas for Girls

Let’s start with this wonderful design by Ewa Kalinowska first. This backpack from Ewa is an ideal model for both teenagers and middle age groups.

A wonderful crochet backpack from Polish crochet designer Karolcia.
Instagram: @pleciemotki



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