56 Crochet Slippers Designs for Women


These crochet slippers are really very stylish and modern. These handmade slippers made by the ingenious housewives seem to be very nice on your feet in winter as well as in summer. Many models you will see here have a much better quality and modern look than the slippers made by luxury brands. These slippers made for women must be included in your image archive. In our idea gallery of 56 pictures you will find something according to your own style. We would like to repeat our little reminder that we have frequently mentioned in other subjects. This gallery of crochet slippers pictures does not include pattern instructions. For free pattern instructions, please visit the “free patterns” category of our website.

Katerina’s Crochet Slippers Pattern for Beginners (Free Pattern – PDF)

katerina crochet slippers free pattern pdf
Skill Level: Beginner
Notes: These slippers may easily be made with many various strands of weight yarn
Pattern notes:
These slippers pattern is beginner friendly.
Features working in rounds, single crochet, Half double crochet and double crochet stitches.
Final measurements
This pattern is available in 3 EU sizes, 37 – 38, 39 – 40, 40 – 41 and is written in US terms.

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Crochet Slippers With Flip Flop Soles – Designed By lovecrafts.com – PDF

lovecrafts crochet slippers flip flop soles free pattern pdf format
You can download the pattern instruction of this wonderful crochet slipper in pdf format for free. Moreover, explanations are available in English, German, French and Dutch.

Click For Lovecraft Crochet Slippers Free Pattern

Kara Gunza’s Crochet Slippers Pattern

crochet slippers free pattern designed by Kara Gunza
Kara Gunza has created a crochet slipper model that will look very nice on your feet in the summer season. This model, made with a slipper sole, is a very good choice for beginners.

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If you want to have these beautiful designs, we suggest you follow Liudmila’s Instagram page.
Instagram Nickname: liucita_love

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Liudmila’s sandals style crochet slippers model. A model that will look beautiful on your feet at the beach or in the summer area.

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A simple slipper can only give such a beautiful appearance. In this model, most of us have slippers at home. If you have an old slippers, you can have a more beautiful and useful crochet slippers with Liudmila’s method.

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