Crochet Mask With Filter | Free Pattern | Tutorial Video For Beginners


crochet face mask free pattern for filtered

It looks like it will take some time for the deadly COVID-19 virus to come out of our lives. Unfortunately, it is not possible for everyone to access special virus masks like N95. For this reason, other face masks have become quite popular. Especially crochet products are among the most preferred mask types. Because filter application is easily done and re-use makes it a good alternative. But let’s not forget that these masks do not protect us from virus. It prevents a COVID-19 carrier from spreading in the air by actions such as sneezing, speech or cough. Please be sensitive about this issue and take care to wear a mask.

After a long briefing, we can return to our main topic. We have found videos explaining how to make two crochet face masks with different patterns for you. You can watch these Spanish and Turkish videos with English subtitles.

Product 1 Sample Photo:

Tutorial Video:

Video Language: Spanish
Duration: 30 Minutes
Skill Level: Easy

Product 2 Sample Photo:
Tutorial Video:

Video Language: Turkish
Duration: 27 Minutes
Skill Level: Easy


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