57 Afghan Crochet Blanket Pattern Ideas


I have brought together some of the popular Afghan blanket designs on social media to inspire you. At that time, when I was just starting blogging, such topics were a great opportunity for my followers (my mother and friends). It’s been a long time since this post, and it doesn’t please me anymore. Because strict followers of my blog want topics that contain free pattern instructions, not sample crochet pictures. As of this date, I will try to keep this subject up-to-date. Let’s start with Kristine and Alissa’s afghan blankets first.

very easy afghan crochet blanket free patterns
1. The Easiest Afghan Ever from Kristine in Between
This blanket is very easy to obtain. This afghan knot can be made with single crochet stitches. You don’t have to count each stitch and you can quickly complete your blanket.

2. Alissa Easy Crochet Blanket Free Pattern from Rescued Paw Designs
A crochet afghan blanket that is fun, easy, and fast to make. This blanket designed by Alissa must be in your archive.

The interest in crochet blankets created with Afghan patterns is increasing day by day. We did not want to be unrequited for this interest of you ladies and we have created a picture gallery consisting of 57 different blanket designs obtained with afghan patterns. It is not possible to access the pattern instructions of the blankets in our gallery from this page. This gallery was created to give you different ideas. Please visit the relevant category of our site for free pattern instructions. You can support us by writing a comment on the page number of the pattern you like.



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