Crochet Slippers For Boys And Girls | Easy Free Pattern


crochet slippers for boys and girls

Hello, ingenious ladies. We have already told you that we will offer free crochet pattern instructions for your boys and girls. First thing we start with the pattern instructions of crochet slippers that will keep your feet warm in winter. By changing the color of the slippers, you can turn them into a model your child loves. Just click on the “Go To Free Pattern” link below to access the pattern instructions.

This blue crochet slippers look ideal for your boys. By changing the yarn color of this model, which uses their feet, for example, using pink yarn, you can create an ideal model for your baby girl.

We think this cute crochet slippers is more ideal for your girls. If you use a different color thread for ornament made with colored yarns on the upper part, you can use this model in your boy. To get free pattern instruction of this model, just click on the link below the picture. If you are looking for a different type of slippers for your boy, we recommend you to look at the first page of this topic.


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